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►Non-combustible SafeEdge® Battery Technology.

TruRide® Stability self-balancing auto lock board

Unique Mozzie App to keep you at the cutting edge.

Ultimate Portability with Ergonomic Integrated Handles.

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As Seen On QVC!

"The Rolls Royce of Hoverboards" ~ Elliot Murphy

So here's a round up of the Mozzie's amazing features...

See it in action as Elliot Murphy takes the Mozzie for a ride!

*Play music straight through the Mozzie using the bluetooth app on your phone.

*Change the lights, the music, the speed, the balance sensitivity all through the app.  

*Lithium Phosphate battery. Different to other boards.

*Good traction with soft rubber grips, easy to cruise around.

*Rugged 8" wheels for multiple surfaces.

*Great fun for all ages 8+ 


As Seen On QVC!

TruRide® Stability

The only hoverboard that is comprised of a single solid board which responds to the weight of the rider.

Prevents spin outs and reduces falls using auto-stabilization which is self balancing and provides natural stability. 

Automatically locks when getting on and off, it won't take off until both feet are on.


SafeEdge® Battery Technology

The only hoverboard to use SafeEdge® UL Certified,

safe rechargeable Lithium Phosphate battery
Rechargeable and non-combustible. 

Unlike conventional Lithium Ion technology, it is a completely safe power source that is fully protected against power surges and gives more power to the board.

The result is a longer, more powerful and safer ride.

Ride up to 2 hours on a single charge!

"Regenerative Braking" means going downhill or decelerating actually gives the charge back to the battery.




Easy Portability

Mozzie's ergonomic built-in handles makes carrying it around much easier than other boards which are hard to port around.

Unique Bluetooth App: Control everything from your phone and Firmware updates means you keep at the cutting edge of new releases:

*LED Head and Tail Lights all controlled from your phone.

*Speakers: Powerful Bluetooth speakers



The Ultimate Control

With Mozzie's unique App, you will always have full control. 

  • Customize your ride with the Sensitivity and Balance controller. Your ride is always adapted to your preferred agility.


  • Set your max speed (10mph) so your ride is as fast or slow as you choose.


  • LED Head and Tail Lights with 3 settings (fixed, Steering or Music) to customise to suit you.


  • Powerful built-in Bluetooth speakers allows you to play your music as you ride.


  • Firmware app updates keep you at the cutting edge, you will always stay ahead with Mozzie's new features and releases.







Why the Mozzie Hoverboard? 

*The Mozzie has applied superior technology to the hoverboard.

*The result is faster, smoother, safer and longer ride than other hoverboards.

*Controls to personalise the board to your own ride.

*Stay ahead with Firmware updates keeping you with the latest tec.

*Developed in California using premium quality materials for the ultimate rider performance. 

*Safety Features: UL 2272 Certified, Safe Charger, Safe Battery Technology.



imageRed, Black & Blueimage
Whoa! Matthew McConaughey 
rides a Mozzie?

Yes it is...on Set filming The Beach Bum


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The Mozzie hoverboard comes with a 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty so buy with confidence. 

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